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PHOTOGRAPHY (private bookings)
per hour 35€ until 17:00, later and on weekends 40€ per hour

minimum booking time 3 hours

Price per photographer, model and one additional person. Price raise per additional Photographer or active Person 10€ per hour for the complete booking time, more persons 5€ per hour

Price for commercial shootings per request


180€ Basic Price (3 hours), additional hours 60€, from 22:00 Uhr 80€ (respective 20€ plus per hour)

Pricing is for one Videographer and 3 Actors / Musicians. For every active Videographer/Photographer 10€ per hour for the complete booking time. More Persons 5€ per hour

Please read this:

If you book the studio for the first time, i am asking for 50€ advance payment by paypal or Bank transfer.

Studio booking after phone or written communication by mail or whatsapp.

If you need to cancel the booking, the following payment is obsolete:

Cancelation of the first time Studio booking, advance payment will not payed back!

Cancelation within 72 hours before booking time, 50% of the booking costs

Cancelation within 24 hours before booking time, 100% of the booking costs

I will personally be onsite during your booking. 

Please be on time! If you book the studio from 19:00 as example, time is running from 19:00!

I will explain the technical Equipment. Do you need me for assistance for building the set or Light setting, i will add 50€ as flat rate.

Making order is up to you and part of the booking time. In case the Studio is not in the condition as you start using it or it needs to be cleaned i will take a flat rate of 30€ on top!

Address and driving information:

Ballroom Blitz Studio

45473 Mülheim Ruhr, Beekmanns Hof - follow the street until you arrive at the Motorcycle Dealer. Park your car.

Follow the entrance between the Motorcycle Dealer and the Carglass Company until the end (10 Meters). Entrance is on the left side - door in the Gate

IN CASE OF QUESTIONS: +49 151 25255262
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